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Let Us Take Comfort in God

God be with you till we meet again,
When life's perils thick confound you,
Put His arms unfailing round you,
God be with you till we meet again.


Please, read the messages in their entirety. The synopsis following the link to each message is just to spark your interest.

[Bishop Reed's Letter]

Bishop Reed's Letter provides guidance on staged reopening for in-person worship. The overarching concern is that risk remains. We are still living in the midst of a global pandemic. The Diocesan Guidelines and local plans cannot eliminate the risk. Our goal is to act intelligently and faithfully to reduce risk to one another and to our communities.

[Father Jim's Message]

We are mindful that some 90% of our congregation is in the at-risk group and vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. So, I am especially guarded about our restart since our area statistics are so sketchy and testing is so limited. I am grateful for the live streaming worship we are currently offering to help us stay connected. These online services will continue in the some fashion even after we restart public worship.

I personally applaud Father Jim's assurance that the online services will continue when the Ministry Center reopens for in-person worship.--Jo-Mae Maris

During this time of social distancing we are learning what it means to be the Body of Christ while not gathering publicly for worship. We will be staying connected to the St. Peter's community online. Check out our Facebook page and attend the Facebook Live services.

Videos of the live services will remain on our Facebook page to watch at your convenience. Watching the video live has the benefits of allowing you to add your comments and connect with members of your St. Peter's Family during the service. However, you can still add comments while watching the recorded services. We look forward to your comments, "Likes," and "Hearts."

Upcoming Online Events on Facebook

Past Online Event

See the "Services" page for links to previous events that were recorded live on Facebook and the accompanying bulletins.