Reopening News (6/10/2020)

The following announcement is from the e-Pebble. We will show these announcements here to keep you informed about the progress toward reopening St. Peter’s. Bishop Reed has provided us with guidelines for reopening. See Bishop Reed’s Letter May 21, 2020.

We are currently planning to enter Phase 2 of reopening our church as per the Diocese of West Texas guidelines. We will be following the Bishop’s guidelines for returning to worship in the next couple of weeks. We know you join us in the excitement of returning to St. Peter’s and in worshiping together in “real life” once again. Please know that for those of you that are “at risk” or not able to return at this time, virtual services will continue to be available for you.

— ePebble June 9, 2020

Phase 1 is the “Stay at Home Orders and Work Safe.” This is the phase St. Peter’s has been in and is currently in, as of June 10, 2020.

Phase 2 is the modified return to in-person public worship. When these begin, online worship will continue in some form for those of us (the Webmaster included) in the high risk group that do not feel comfortable with public gatherings. The survey mentioned in the June 9, 2020 e-Pebble is part of the preparations for Phase 2. Other preparations include developing safety protocols that have to be in place prior to the return to modified worship.

Phase 3 will be the return to full public worship services and operations of the Ministry Center.

Phase 4 will be a “Time for Reflection.” During this time we can evaluate what we learned and how we can better serve God.

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