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Note to Adult

This site provides lessons based on the Virginia Theological Seminary, Episcopal Children's Curriculum. The Splash level is from the PK curriculum and features picture stories. The Wade level is from the PRI curriculum and features the International Children's Bible verses, and the Swim level is from the INT curriculum and contains New Revised Standard Version verses. The lessons start with the Shell series, followed by the Chalice series, and conclude with the Cross series. For more information on these curricula, see https://www.vts.edu/lifelong-learning/christian-formation-and-discipleship.

We at St. Peter's hope you find this an enlightening experience to share with your child.

Sources for Lessons

The music is from Small Church Music.
The Bible verses can be found on Bible Gateway.
Images are by Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing / CC BY-SA.
The narrative words and discussions are mine (Jo-Mae Maris).

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