Diocese of West Texas Guidelines for Phased Reopening

The Guidelines contain the following topics.

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Situation and Expectations
  3. Phases for Reopening the Episcopal Dioces of West Texas
  4. Diocesan Protocols and Guidelines
  5. Question to Consider with Your Leadership while Planning Phased Reopening of Church Worship Services.

The Introduction begins with thanks to everyone for being “sources of the Light of Christ to one another and to your communities.” Also, the Introduction recognizes that “The same traits and virtues that have brought us this far together will continue to be vitally important as we begin our movement toward a phased regathering for in-person worship.”

The Current Situation and Expectations summarizes the current situation and emphasizes the importance of each congregation acting in accordance with their situations. Individual churches may chose to have more restrictive protocols than the minimum specified by the Guidelines, but the protocols may not be less restrictive.

Phases for Reopening the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas describes the four phases. A summary of these Phases is as follows.

Phase 1 is the “Stay at Home Orders and Work Safe.” This is the phase St. Peter’s has been in and is currently in, as of June 10, 2020.

Phase 2 is the modified return to in-person public worship. When these begin, online worship will continue in some form for those of us (the Webmaster included) in the high risk group that do not feel comfortable with public gatherings.

Phase 3 will be the return to full public worship services and operations of the Ministry Center.

Phase 4 will be a “Time for Reflection.” During this time we can evaluate what we learned and how we can better serve God.

The Diocesan Protocols and Guidelines is composed of checklist of the minimum standards that churches must maintain during Phase 2 with respect to facilities cleaning and use, employees and volunteers hygiene and health, and practices for protecting attendees.

The Questions to Consider section lists questions that need to be answered prior to beginning Phase 2.

To view the Guidelines in your browser, click on the “Diocese of West Texas Guidelines for Phased Reopening” link. To download (save) a copy of the Guidelines, click on the “Download” button.

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